Constructions Project

Aim: How do we use a compass and straightedge for geometric constructions?

Course: Geometry

Project: Students create handmade geometric pattern art using a compass and straightedge. Student work must do the following:

  • Fill up one side of an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper (any color)
  • Consist only of geometric constructions made by hand with a compass and straightedge
  • Name the constructions used and the order in which they were done

Here are some ways to get ideas:

  • Base your work on an existing piece of art or create your own.
  • Look up images online using phrases like “pattern art” or “tessellations” (a tessellation is a repeated geometric pattern that can completely cover a flat surface with no gaps).
  • Research art from your own culture to find inspiration!

Task Rating (see the equity task rubric for details)

  • Rigor: 2
  • Diversity: 2 
  • Identity: 2
  • Justice: 0

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